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Pallotta, Martins e Advogados

Pallotta, Martins e Advogados, more than an Attorneys’ office, we are our clients’ business partners.

Our Attorneys’ office assists, at the national level, middle market and large companies, whether in relation to their main area of expertise or acting as a true legal department.

The Pallotta, Martins’ team is composed of professionals who work in an integrated manner, by sharing their specialties and experiences in order to deliver optimal results


We are true business partners of our clients because we understand their operations and market needs. That is why we are able to offer efficient and practical solutions that facilitate their business operations. We have a modern view of advocacy and we translate that into our daily practice by investing in our collaborators and in state-of-the-art technology.


To consolidate our practice in the law market as a reference in terms of quality and efficient services provided to our clients.


  • Integrity
  • Quality Services
  • Modernity
  • Merit
  • Talent Recognition


• Servicing

By having an in-depth knowledge of the business environment, we understand that a differentiated service involves being always available, and that is why our clients can always count on our office’s team of attorneys.

Business Vision
We have realized that the specific characteristics of every company must be understood and thoroughly elaborated, which allows us to fully master the activities exercised by our clients and their actual needs.

Actual Results
Based on our history of operations in many different business segments, we can unquestionably say that we have achieved client satisfaction by providing tangible results and efficient solutions.